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Diet, Detox & Tonic

The condition of the horse’s gut has a significant bearing on his overall health and wellbeing. We know that by optimising gut health and digestive efficiency we can help the horse to fully utilise his diet, and this is clearly reflected in his general health and coat shine. To keep horses fit and healthy, you need to provide them with the highest level of nutritional support and broadest spectrum of beneficial nutrients available.


Joint health is an important factor for performance and leisure horses alike, because no matter what your horse’s vocation or age, all joints are, to a greater or lesser extent, subject to stress. Joints have benefitted from more scientific study than any other area of horse health, and as a consequence, there is a wealth of information available about the key nutrients known to support joint strength and flexibility. NAF’s range of joint supplements utilise these nutrients to create a range of products suitable for any horse of any age. Whether you want total comfort for your older horse, support for your active senior, or the best formulation for your performance horse, NAF have a joint product for you.


Hoof quality is largely governed by intrinsic factors such as genetics and diet, whilst external elements, including climate, management and care, also play an important part. Farriers and nutritionists alike recognise the influence diet has on hoof integrity. Poor quality horn, slow hoof growth and a propensity towards cracking and splitting can often be attributed to nutritional deficiencies. Providing targeted nutritional support on a daily basis from a correctly formulated hoof supplement can have a huge bearing on the health and growth of your horse’s hooves. In addition, providing nourishment and protection in the form of a suitable application will also benefit the hoof integrity.


Horses evolved to thrive on wide open plains, where, as creatures of flight, their response reactions had to be very quick. This is reflected in their respiratory tract, which is designed for exerting maximum performance when fleeing predators. Since domestication, our expectations of our horses are quite the opposite, as they are often living and working in comparatively enclosed environments. This can create pressures for the modern horse, which is frequently evident in the health and integrity of the respiratory system. Management plays an important role in helping horses cope with these stresses, with targeted nutritional support offering invaluable


Good digestion is key to a healthy horse. Whether you are looking for a weight management supplement for good do-ers or those on calorie controlled diets, wanting to keep your show horse or senior in perfect condition, or seeking to support and maintain gastric health, NAF have a Digestive product to help.


Our range of equine calming supplements and dietetics target the causes of tension, whether hormonal or diet related, and help your horse to maintain an even temperament and good behaviour all day every day.


With the ever increasing trend to move away from chemical and synthetic approaches towards caring for our horses, NAF have turned their expertise in natural equine care to first aid, with the launch of NaturalintX. Within the new NaturalintX first aid range, you will find a choice of veterinary approved, 100% natural dressings for wound management, together with naturally formulated applications to support the healing of minor wounds, cuts, abrasions and strains.


A challenged immune system will affect your horse’s wellbeing and performance. Targeted nutritional support can be extremely effective in maintaining healthy immunity. Our range of equine supplements utilise ingredients well known for their benefits to the immune system, such as Echinacea and garlic, combined with anti-oxidant rich formulas to offer unrivalled nutritional support for your horse’s immune system.


Nature knows best and we believe that if you wish to feed your horse natural unadulterated products, such as garlic and mint for their natural properties, you should be able to feed the best. So we carefully select our health range of equine supplements according to their purity, quality and integrity for your horse to enjoy.


NAF have created a range of products specifically formulated to support horses’ skin both inside and out. The love the SKIN he’s in range features key products targetted at horses who display itchy, flaky skin or lumps and bumps caused by insect irritation or seasonal reactions to the wet, mud or hot weather.


Correct nutritional support for performance can make a remarkable difference to your horse's health, and be extremely useful in helping your horse to produce his best. Our range of Performance supplements can help improve performance and energy levels, promote natural recovery, replace lost body salts and generally support the hard working equine athlete.


To keep horses looking healthy and feeling great, it's important that they receive the correct daily levels of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients. Whether you have a youngster, brood mare, happy hacker or veteran horse, feeding a correctly balanced, premium daily supplement from our Vitality range will ensure all their daily nutritional requirements are met.


Show the world who’s best in 2017! NAF have created the Magnificent Seven, a brand new showing range designed to complement the Fab Four and our tried and tested favourite detanglers and shampoos, to bring you all the products you will ever need to clean, polish, shine, plait, oil and perfect your horse. Along with our NAF Off sprays, gels, washes, wristbands and tags, NAF has a Care product to suit every horse.


NAF Off sprays, gels, washes, wristbands and tags, NAF has a Care product to suit every horse.


The Tack Care product range from NAF ensures that your leatherwork is given the best possible care with rich, moisturizing lotions and nourishing cleansers, all designed to keep your tack in top condition.


NAF. canine supplements are formulated. from complex combinations of. natural ingredients. Not only does. each ingredient contribute its own. individual benefit, together they work. synergistically with even greater. effect to provide.

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